Dell Venue 8 Pro "Dell Wireless" (Atheros 6k) chipset with SDIO ID 0271:0418 not recognized/supported

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Mon Aug 1 01:55:48 PDT 2016


please don't reply to me privately. Let's keep the discussion on the
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"russianneuromancer at" <russianneuromancer at> writes:

>> That looks good to me, but please submit it officially as defined in
>> the wiki
> Just to be sure I understand you right - I have to just send e-mail with
> attached file "support-Dell-OEM-chipset-found-in-Venue-8-Pro-SDIO-I.patch" - is
> that correct?

You should submit the patch following the general Linux patch submission
rules. If you are not familiar with that I recommend doing thorough
research before your first. And for the actual submission I strongly
recommend to use 'git send-email'. Also remember to make sure that all
legal requirements are fulfilled, especially Signed-off-by tags.

Oh, and you have to use your real legal name. I can't take patches from

Here are few pointers:

Kalle Valo

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