[PATCH 1/2] dt-bindings: net: wireless: ath10k: add qcom,no-msa-ready-indicator prop

Marc Gonzalez mgonzalez at freebox.fr
Wed Feb 28 08:00:56 PST 2024

[ Adding Jami Kettunen who documented the same issue 3 years ago ]
[ Adding Jeffrey Hugo for his past work on msm8998 ]

On 28/02/2024 15:59, Jeff Johnson wrote:

> On 2/28/2024 5:24 AM, Marc Gonzalez wrote:
>> The driver waits for this indicator before proceeding,
>> yet some WCNSS firmwares apparently do not send it.
>> On those devices, it seems safe to ignore the indicator,
>> and continue loading the firmware.
> Can you list the product/hardware/firmware where this is observed?
> Would prefer to fix the firmware if the issue is there

This issue is observed on an apq8098 (msm8998) SoC using
according to /sys/kernel/debug/qcom_soc_info/cnss/name

We are not the first to run into the issue:


"Currently if you get FW details printed in dmesg from ath10k
with nothing else seemingly happening, you'll most likely have
to fake an MSA ready indication"


The issue is also observed on an F(x)tec Pro1 phone (msm8998-based)
with unknown firmware.

The issue was apparently also observed on the OnePlus 5,
also msm8998/sdm835-based, also unknown firmware.

If the firmwares are signed, and the signature is verified by some remote proc,
then working around the issue in the kernel seems a more pragmatic solution?


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