[PATCH v3 2/3] wifi: ath10k: do not always wait for MSA_READY indicator

Marc Gonzalez mgonzalez at freebox.fr
Tue Apr 30 04:15:42 PDT 2024

On 30/04/2024 04:24, Bjorn Andersson wrote:

> On Mon, Apr 29, 2024 at 04:06:29PM +0200, Marc Gonzalez wrote:
>> The ath10k driver waits for an "MSA_READY" indicator
>> to complete initialization. If the indicator is not
>> received, then the device remains unusable.
>> Several msm8998-based devices are affected by this issue.
>> Oddly, it seems safe to NOT wait for the indicator, and
>> proceed immediately when QMI_EVENT_SERVER_ARRIVE.
>> fw_version 0x100204b2
>> fw_build_timestamp 2019-09-04 03:01
>> fw_build_id QC_IMAGE_VERSION_STRING=WLAN.HL.1.0-01202-QCAHLSWMTPLZ-1.221523.2
>> Jeff Johnson wrote:
>>   The feedback I received was "it might be ok to change all ath10k qmi
>>   to skip waiting for msa_ready", and it was pointed out that ath11k
>>   (and ath12k) do not wait for it.
>>   However with so many deployed devices, "might be ok" isn't a strong
>>   argument for changing the default behavior.
>> Signed-off-by: Pierre-Hugues Husson <phhusson at freebox.fr>
>> Signed-off-by: Marc Gonzalez <mgonzalez at freebox.fr>
> As with patch 1, please address the s-o-b and accept my:
> Reviewed-by: Bjorn Andersson <quic_bjorande at quicinc.com>

As with patch 1,
I typed this patch all by myself with my grubby little paws.
You can drop PH's S-o-b.


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