QCA6174 showing terrible performance when connecting via WPA3-SAE

Eric Park me at ericswpark.com
Mon Apr 29 10:53:47 PDT 2024

On 4/29/2024 12:32 PM, Kalle Valo wrote:

> If the problem is on ath10k side I would rather semove support for
> 802.11w altogether (until it's fixed). It's controlled with this flag:
> 	ieee80211_hw_set(ar->hw, MFP_CAPABLE);
> Alternatively if it works on some hardware and not on others we could
> make it per hw, for example disabled on QCA6174 and enabled on all
> others.

Yup, that would definitely be ideal.

> But I found some old documentation claiming that 802.11w can be disabled
> from Network Manager, if it works that sounds like a good temporary
> solution:
> (...)

So I tried this by running `nmcli connection modify <SSID> wifi-sec.pmf 
1` (after setting `key-mgmt` to `wpa-psk` since `SAE` requires PMF), but 
for some reason it is now refusing to connect. The "Configuring 
Interface" message shows up with the spinner, and then after a while a 
"No secrets were provided" error shows. In `journalctl` I see the 
following output (pasting Gist link since I don't know if you're 
supposed to attach logs in email on mailing lists, please let me know if 
that's expected otherwise!):


Once I turn it back to defaults with `wifi-sec pmf 0` it starts to 
connect again.

Perhaps the driver showing that the card is capable of PMF, however 
broken it might be, is causing NetworkManager and wpa_supplicant to be 
confused? I did find a couple of bug reports that might be related:


- Eric

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