QCA6174 showing terrible performance when connecting via WPA3-SAE

Eric Park me at ericswpark.com
Mon Apr 29 06:26:28 PDT 2024

On 2024-04-29 14:18, Kalle Valo wrote:
> If you run wpa_supplicant -dddt (or similar) you get a lot of debug
> output, I'm sure it will also include the cipher.

Good to know, thank you. Will keep this in mind the next time I'm
troubleshooting WPA-levels.

> Very good that you found this is 802.11w related. What is the make and
> model of your router?

I'm using a GL-AXT1800 (Slate AX) router from GL.iNet.

> I don't know how well ath10k 802.11w support is tested and then it was
> last tested. Do you happen to have other Access Points supporting
> 802.11w? That might help to pinpoint if 802.11w is completely broken in
> ath10k or if this is an interoperability issue with ath10k and your AP.

I unfortunately do not have access to any other routers I can modify
settings on at the moment (or any other APs to connect to, to test on,
really...) I may have some routers to test it on next week, but I'm
unsure whether they allow me to modify the 802.11w settings as they're
mostly proprietary and don't run something like OpenWRT.

Do you know if it'll be possible to add a flag to enable/disable 802.11w
on ath10k's side? Even if it turns out to be an interoperability issue,
it will most likely be useful to have the ability to switch it off for
APs that don't play nice. Especially for public APs and proprietary
APs where the end-user can't realistically turn off 802.11w for the
entire network.

- Eric

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