[PATCH v2 0/7] mmc/wifi/bluetooth: store owner from modules with sdio_register_driver()

Krzysztof Kozlowski krzysztof.kozlowski at linaro.org
Wed Apr 3 07:16:49 PDT 2024

Changes in v2:
1. Add "wifi: ath10k: sdio: simplify module initialization" patch, from
   my other patchset to avoid conflicts.
2. Add Acks/Rb tags.
3. Drop applied SDIO patch, which was the dependency for the rest
4. Update subjects according to feedback.
- Link to v1: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20240329-module-owner-sdio-v1-0-e4010b11ccaa@linaro.org

With Acks from Kalle, please take entire set via mmc/sdio.

Modules registering driver with sdio_register_driver() might
forget to set .owner field.

Solve the problem by moving this task away from the drivers to the core
code, just like we did for platform_driver in commit 9447057eaff8
("platform_device: use a macro instead of platform_driver_register").

Best regards,

Krzysztof Kozlowski (7):
      Bluetooth: btmrvl_sdio: drop driver owner initialization
      Bluetooth: btmtksdio: drop driver owner initialization
      wifi: ath10k: sdio: simplify module initialization
      wifi: ath10k: sdio: drop driver owner initialization
      wifi: brcm80211: drop driver owner initialization
      wifi: mwifiex: drop driver owner initialization
      wifi: wfx: drop driver owner initialization

 drivers/bluetooth/btmrvl_sdio.c                     |  1 -
 drivers/bluetooth/btmtksdio.c                       |  1 -
 drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/sdio.c              | 21 +--------------------
 .../wireless/broadcom/brcm80211/brcmfmac/bcmsdh.c   |  1 -
 drivers/net/wireless/marvell/mwifiex/sdio.c         |  1 -
 drivers/net/wireless/silabs/wfx/bus_sdio.c          |  1 -
 6 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 25 deletions(-)
base-commit: 7d860d3177a745017d38b37bc2bff2f090631148
change-id: 20240329-module-owner-sdio-abd5de3f1d74

Best regards,
Krzysztof Kozlowski <krzysztof.kozlowski at linaro.org>

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