[PATCH 1/6] [v3] wifi: ath10k: cleanup CE ring initialization

Kalle Valo kvalo at kernel.org
Thu Sep 21 02:33:20 PDT 2023

Dmitry Antipov <dmantipov at yandex.ru> writes:

>> If most/all of the functions return the same error value type as int
>> it makes a lot easier to read the code.
> ...but still not sure that this is reasonable for any non-trivial piece
> of the source code.

What's the concrete benefit from having few functions which return void
instead of 'return 0'? For me the benefit would have to be significant
justifying the code churn and the time used.

> OTOH if both you and Jeff are agreed on preserving existing ath1x style,
> I will definitely take this decision into account and try to redesign
> this series in attempt to fit the current design as much as possible.

Please stop fixing the design (unless you are the driver maintainer or
asked specifically by one) as that doesn't really benefit anyone,
actually the opposite. Instead focus on fixing actual bugs. But if you
have no means for testing your fixes then stick to compiler warnings and

For example, didn't I suggest you about fixing all sparse warnings in
wireless code? I would be very happy to get such patches as we really
would want to be sparse warning free.



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