ath10k-firmware: QCA99X0 hw2.0: Add ZTE MF18A specific BDFs (5G)

Christian Marangi ansuelsmth at
Sat Mar 18 04:23:40 PDT 2023

Hi, we have many board file not pused upstream in openwrt. The intention
is to fix this and have all of them merged.

* description for what hardware this is:

  - it is a IPQ4019 based board
  - one QCA99X0 radio is used as 5GHz radio

* origin of the board file (did you create it yourself or where you

  - extracted from the original stock firmware image

* ids to be used with the board file (ATH10K_BD_IE_BOARD_NAME in ath10k)

  - QCA99X0 hw2.0

    + bus=pci,bmi-chip-id=1,bmi-board-id=1.bin,variant=ZTE-MF18A

* attach the actual board file (board.bin)

  - The name of the files are equal to the id string in the board-2.bin
    (minus the ".bin")

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