[PATCH v5 3/3] wifi: ath10k: only load compatible DT cal data

equu at openmail.cc equu at openmail.cc
Fri Feb 3 20:26:05 PST 2023

>>> Upon further thought, why can't you decide all this just on PCI
>>> VID/PID? The giant switch statement in ath10k_pci_probe() could all
>>> just be struct of driver_data from the PCI match table.
>> I cannot decide all this just on PCI VID/PID because PCI VID/PID cannot tell whether calibration data are stored in the device (like most expansion cards) or not (for example, in an NVRAM cell referenced by the device tree).
> For a given VID/PID, you could have calibration data in DT that you
> want to ignore sometimes and not other times (because the compatible
> is wrong)?

Some devices will change their VID/PID after applied with calibration data (e.g. AR922X will do 168c:ff1d -> 168c:0029), but most device trees only record their post-calibration VID/PID in their compatibility string.

Should we match such device against their pre-calibration VID/PID only, and break all current device trees for them?

I think we could add these pre-calibration VID/PIDs to the ID-list of the PCI driver, but had better match compatibility strings against drivers, not devices.

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