[PATCH v2] wifi: ath10k: fix NULL pointer dereference in ath10k_wmi_tlv_op_pull_mgmt_tx_compl_ev()

Jeff Johnson quic_jjohnson at quicinc.com
Mon Dec 11 09:37:34 PST 2023

On 12/7/2023 8:34 PM, Xingyuan Mo wrote:
> We should check whether the WMI_TLV_TAG_STRUCT_MGMT_TX_COMPL_EVENT tlv is
> present before accessing it, otherwise a null pointer deference error will
> occur.
> Fixes: dc405152bb64 ("ath10k: handle mgmt tx completion event")
> Signed-off-by: Xingyuan Mo <hdthky0 at gmail.com>
Acked-by: Jeff Johnson <quic_jjohnson at quicinc.com>

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