Fwd: ath10k-firmware: QCA9888 hw2.0: Add BDF for ASUS MAP-AC2200

Erkki hietaranta erkki.hietaranta at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 22:38:31 PST 2023

ASUS MAP-AC2200 is IPQ4019 based device with three radios.
- one QCA40xx radio is used as 2.4GHz radio
- one QCA40xx radio is used as 5GHz radio
-- Both allready supported:
- one QCA9888 radio is used as 5GHz radio
-- BDF attached is for this radio

Files are extracted from latest device firmware provided by manufacturer

QCA9888 hw2.0

Attached file:
md5s: b29e1fbbdfdab5908151e66e10b074dd

Erkki Hietaranta
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