[PATCH v1 00/15] create power sequencing subsystem

Luca Weiss luca.weiss at fairphone.com
Fri Sep 23 07:39:18 PDT 2022

Hi Dmitry,

On Wed Oct 6, 2021 at 5:53 AM CEST, Dmitry Baryshkov wrote:
> This is a proposed power sequencer subsystem. This is a
> generification of the MMC pwrseq code. The subsystem tries to abstract
> the idea of complex power-up/power-down/reset of the devices.
> The primary set of devices that promted me to create this patchset is
> the Qualcomm BT+WiFi family of chips. They reside on serial+platform
> or serial + SDIO interfaces (older generations) or on serial+PCIe (newer
> generations).  They require a set of external voltage regulators to be
> powered on and (some of them) have separate WiFi and Bluetooth enable
> GPIOs.
> The major drawback for now is the lack of proper PCIe integration
> At this moment support for PCIe is hacked up to be able to test the
> PCIe part of qca6390. Proper PCIe support would require automatically
> powering up the devices before the scan basing on the proper device
> structure in the device tree. This two last patches are noted as WIP and
> are included into the patchset for the purpose of testing WiFi on newer
> chips (like qca6390/qca6391).

What's the status of this series? With this I have gotten Bluetooth to
somewhat work on sm7225-fairphone-fp4, which is using WCN3990/WCN3988.

Is there another solution with a different patch series that could make
it work also?

The latest I could find regarding some new Bluetooth thing is the
following email from June 2022, but nothing seems to have happened since


> Changes since RFC v2:
>  - Add documentation for the pwrseq code. Document data structures,
>    macros and exported functions.
>  - Export of_pwrseq_xlate_onecell()
>  - Add separate pwrseq_set_drvdata() function to follow the typical API
>    design
>  - Remove pwrseq_get_optional()/devm_pwrseq_get_optional()
>  - Moved code to handle old mmc-pwrseq binding to the MMC patch
>  - Split of_pwrseq_xlate_onecell() support to a separate patch
> Changes since RFC v1:
>  - Provider pwrseq fallback support
>  - Implement fallback support in pwrseq_qca.
>  - Mmove susclk handling to pwrseq_qca.
>  - Significantly simplify hci_qca.c changes, by dropping all legacy
>    code. Now hci_qca uses only pwrseq calls to power up/down bluetooth
>    parts of the chip.

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