ath10k-firmware: QCA4019 hw1.0: Update Qxwlan E2600AC c2 specific BDFs

张鹏 1805692831 at
Fri Mar 25 03:17:08 PDT 2022

Modified the radio frequency hardware part of e2600ac c2,
need to cooperate with the modified board.bin file, the device
can work normally.

For the questions from the wiki page:

* description for what hardware this is:

- it is a IPQ4019 based board (AP-DK04 and AP-DK07)
- one QCA40xx radio is used as 2.4 GHz radio
- one QCA40xx radio is used as 5 GHz radio
- one QCA40xx radio is used as 5 GHz radio

* origin of the board file (did you create it yourself or where you downloaded)

- The board file(s) where extracted from the Qxwlan firmware. 
- The files in this email are:
* board_wifi0_2g.bin
* board_wifi0_5g.bin
* board_wifi1_5g.bin

* ids to be used with the board file (ATH10K_BD_IE_BOARD_NAME in ath10k)

- QCA4019 hw1.0

+ bus=ahb,bmi-chip-id=0,bmi-board-id=20,variant=Qxwlan-E2600AC-C2bin

* attach the actual board file (board.bin)

- The name of the files are equal to the id string in the board-2.bin (minus the ".bin")

Kind regards, 

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