Compex WLE200NX: regdomain sanitized regression

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Thu Feb 24 08:22:29 PST 2022

Thorsten Leemhuis <regressions at> writes:

> Hi, this is your Linux kernel regression tracker speaking. Top-posting
> for once, to make this easy accessible to everyone.
> Kalle, thx for looking into this, I'm well aware this is kinda tricky.
> This is a gently reminder about the issue to ensure it doesn't fall
> through the cracks. At the same time I know that it's not urgent, that
> why I'm not putting it on backburner in regzbot now:
> #regzbot backburner: tricky situation and around for a while, hence not
> that urgent
> #regzbot poke
> I'll likely sent another gentle reminder after the next merge-window.

I now queued the revert to my pending branch:

Thorsten, can you please check that the Link tag is correct so that
regzbot can automatically detect the fix?


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