[PATCH] ath10k: support bus and device specific API 1 BDF selection

Christian Lamparter chunkeey at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 13:19:31 PST 2022


On 16/02/2022 14:38, Robert Marko wrote:
> Silent ping,
> Does anybody have an opinion on this?

As a fallback, I've cobbled together from the old scripts that
"concat board.bin into a board-2.bin. Do this on the device
in userspace on the fly" idea. This was successfully tested
on one of the affected devices (MikroTik SXTsq 5 ac (RBSXTsqG-5acD))
and should work for all MikroTik.

"ipq40xx: dynamically build board-2.bin for Mikrotik"
(though I don't think this link will stay active for
too long.)


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