Can we discuss?

FWS BHC office2 at
Sun Sep 19 07:27:59 PDT 2021

I want to discuss a business with you. I am having your business 
complementary card. Can we discuss?
I am a politician and i don't have time to invest. i am willing 
to invest $35 Million  in area of Investment interest: Oil & Gas, 
Agriculture, Aviation, Tourism, Retail, Real Estate & 
Construction, IT & Communications, Engineering, Utilities, 
Telecoms, Mining, Maritime Sector and Entertainment industries.
I will give you 40% of the total funds while i have 60% but to be 
on a safe side and to be sure you will give to me my 60% of the 
total funds,we need to sign an agreement document to guarantee my 
60% please. can we discuss more? i wait to hear from you.

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