Bug in Memory Layout of rx_desc for QCA6174

Francesco Magliocca franciman12 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 07:43:53 PDT 2021

Hi, sorry for the late reply, have had rough times.
Yes I can work on a patch, I'll try to get something working by the
end of the week.

> Heh, I was also about to ask about that as well :) The firmware is
> supposed to handle length differences but clearly it's not.

In fact, I see that the driver notifies the firmware about the offset
of the various fields of the data structure,
so this made me think about the firmware. I still can't figure out
what wifi packet is causing this problem...

Anyways I'll work on a patch abstracting the various representations out.
I just ask that you be a little bit patient with me, because this is
the first time I contribute to the kernel,
so I may be making mistakes

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