[PATCH v1 10/15] ath10k: add support for pwrseq sequencing

Kalle Valo kvalo at codeaurora.org
Wed Oct 6 22:31:57 PDT 2021

Dmitry Baryshkov <dmitry.baryshkov at linaro.org> writes:

> Power sequencing for Qualcomm WiFi+BT chipsets are being reworked to use
> pwrseq rather than individually handling all the regulators. Add support
> for pwrseq to ath10k SNOC driver.
> Signed-off-by: Dmitry Baryshkov <dmitry.baryshkov at linaro.org>

Please include a Tested-on tag so that it's documented on what hardware
and firmware combination you tested this:


Otherwise looks ok to me. I assume this is going via some another tree
than my ath tree:

Acked-by: Kalle Valo <kvalo at codeaurora.org>



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