[PATCH 3/3] ath10k: Set wiphy flag to trigger sta disconnect on hardware restart

Abhishek Kumar kuabhs at chromium.org
Fri Feb 5 17:00:37 EST 2021

> I'm not sure what you mean. But if you are saying that we should move
> ath10k_hw_params_list entirely to firmware then that is a huge task as
> we would need to make changes in every firmware branch, and there are so
> many different branches that I have lost count. And due to backwards
> compatibility we still need to have ath10k_hw_params_list in ath10k for
> few years.
 Apologies for late reply on this thread. Yes you got me right( to
move ath10k_hw_params_list entirely to firmware ). I wanted to trigger
an idea and know what other people's views are, or atleast what are
the challenges. As you said the task is much bigger with so many
firmware branches. As long as you feel it is scalable for coming
years, we should be good.

As far as the patch is concerned, it LGTM.

Reviewed-by: Abhishek Kumar <kuabhs at chromium.org>


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