Reading default values of Roaming parameters with wmi commands

Sebastian Gottschall s.gottschall at
Thu Apr 15 06:31:59 BST 2021

Am 15.04.2021 um 05:24 schrieb Arvind:
> Hi All,
>          I have been using ath10k driver for a qualcomm chip 
> QCA9377 based module used in a custom board and I was looking at the 
> code to see if there is a way to read the values of the following 
> Roaming parameters from firmware to find its default value.
> Is there any way to obtain these values using ath10k driver?

only if you modify the ath10k driver to obtain these values. but its 
pointless anyway. the firmware based roaming offload code is unused by 
ath10k. so these values
have no influence to roaming. its all handled by wpa_supplicant/mac80211


> Regards & Thanks,
> Arvind Ram Prakash
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