[PATCH 1/3] nl80211: add common API to configure SAR power limitations.

Carl Huang cjhuang at codeaurora.org
Fri Nov 20 02:01:44 EST 2020

On 2020-11-20 04:25, Abhishek Kumar wrote:
> Hi,
> Johannes has some good comments, apart for that I have some nits.
>> > And wait, I thought we agreed to remove the index? Now I'm confused.
>> >
>> Using index in SET operation doesn't add burden to userspace and 
>> kernel,
>> but it provides some flexibility so userspace can skip some certain
>> ranges.
> I agree with Carl's comment, we do need the frequency index. If the
> frequency index is provided, then the order is not important which
> makes the data more clear or the set_sar_spec function needs to parse
> the frequency ranges (and ofcourse userspace has to populate that as
> well). If the frequency index is not provided, then the driver has to
> assume that the userspace is not making any error in mapping of the
> power and desired frequency.
> Other reason is, might be a bit unlikely, but if in future there are
> new subbands, then it gives a flexibility to the userspace to
> explicitly provide the band for which it needs to set the power for.
>> + *     used with %NL80211_CMD_SET_SAR_SPECS. The message contains 
>> fileds
>> + *     of %nl80211_sar_attrs which specifies the sar type and related
> typo: fileds .. you mean fields
I will fix all the spelling errors and send V2.

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