[PATCH net v2 00/21] net: avoid to remove module when its debugfs is being used

Taehee Yoo ap420073 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 14:52:55 EST 2020

On Sun, 8 Nov 2020 at 04:05, Jakub Kicinski <kuba at kernel.org> wrote:

Hi Jakub,
Thank you for the review!

> On Sat,  7 Nov 2020 17:21:31 +0000 Taehee Yoo wrote:
> > When debugfs file is opened, its module should not be removed until
> > it's closed.
> > Because debugfs internally uses the module's data.
> > So, it could access freed memory.
> >
> > In order to avoid panic, it just sets .owner to THIS_MODULE.
> > So that all modules will be held when its debugfs file is opened.
> Hm, looks like some of the patches need to be revised because
> .owner is already set in the ops, and a warning gets generated.

Thanks, I found my mistake via patchwork.
I will fix this problem.

> Also it'd be good to mention why Johannes's approach was abandoned.

I'm sorry about skipping the explanation of the situation,
Johannes sent RFC[1], which fixes this problem in the debugfs core logic.
I tested it and it actually avoids this problem well.
And I think there would be more discussion.
So, I thought this series' approach is reasonable right now.
I think setting .owner to THIS_MODULE is a common behavior and it
doesn't hurt our logic even if Johannes's approach is merged.
I'm expecting that both approaches of this series and Johannes are
doing separately.

[1] https://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-wireless/msg204171.html

> When you repost please separate out all the patches for
> drivers/net/wireless/ and send that to Kalle's wireless drivers tree.
> Patch 1 needs to be split in two. Patches 2 and 3 would go via Johannes.
> The wimax patch needs to go to staging (wimax code has been moved).
> The remaining patches can be posted individually, not as a series.

Okay, I will do this.

Thanks a lot!
Taehee Yoo

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