ath10k_pci spams dmesg "failed to send pdev bss chan info request"

Pali Rohár pali at
Fri Jun 26 03:41:19 EDT 2020


During testing 5.8.0-rc2 kernel version with Compex WLE900VX card
(ath10k) I see following error in dmesg which is periodically repeating,
sometimes every second:

ath10k_pci 0000:01:00.0: failed to send pdev bss chan info request

Card has firmware version 10.1 and features wmi-10.x,has-wmi-mgmt-tx,mfp

That error message is located in file ath10k/mac.c in the function

I checked that 'ret' variable in that function contains value -95 which
is -EOPNOTSUPP. It seems that ath10k_wmi_pdev_bss_chan_info_request() is
not really supported by firmware 10.1.

That function is used only by ath10k_get_survey() function and
ath10k_get_survey() ignores all errors from the function
ath10k_mac_update_bss_chan_survey(). Which seems wrong as get_survey()
could return -EOPNOTSUPP when it is not supported.

Could we at least skip printing that error message when 'ret' is

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