[PATCH v3 00/12] *** Add support for wifi QMI client driver ***

Kalle Valo kvalo at codeaurora.org
Mon May 14 06:38:33 PDT 2018

Govind Singh <govinds at codeaurora.org> writes:

> Add QMI client driver for Q6 integrated WLAN connectivity subsystem.
> This module is responsible for communicating WLAN control messages to FW
> over QMI interface.
> “QUALCOMM Messaging Interface”(QMI) provides the control interface between
> components running b/w remote processors with underlying transport layer
> based on integrated chipset(shared memory) or discrete chipset(PCI/USB/SDIO/UART).
> QMI client driver implementation is based on qmi frmework https://lwn.net/Articles/729924/.
> Below is the sequence of qmi handshake.
>        QMI CLIENT(APPS)                                         QMI SERVER(FW in Q6)
>                          <------wlan service discoverd----
>                        -----connect to wlam qmi service----->
>                        ------------wlan info request----->
>                        <------------wlan info resp------------
>                        ------------msa info req-------->
>                      <------------msa info resp------------
>                      ------------msa ready req-------->
>                      <------------msa ready resp------------
>                      <------------msa ready indication-------
>                      ------------capability req------->
>                     <------------capability resp------------
>                     ------------qmi bdf req--------->
>                      <------------qmi bdf resp------------
>                       ------------qmi cal trigger------->
>                   <------------ QMI FW ready indication-------
> Govind Singh (12):
>   ath10k: Add qmi service for wlan qmi client
>   dt: bindings: add bindings for ath10k qmi client
>   ath10k: Add WCN3990 QMI client driver
>   ath10k: add support to start and stop qmi service
>   ath10k: Add support of QMI indication message
>   firmware: qcom: scm: Add WLAN VMID for Qualcomm SCM interface
>   ath10k: Add MSA handshake QMI mgs support
>   ath10k: Add QMI CAP request support
>   ath10k: Add QMI HOST CAP request support
>   ath10k: add bdf/cal indication support
>   ath10k: Add wlan mode on/off qmi message
>   ath10k: Add qmi wlan enable/disable support for WCN3990

BTW, I noticed that you had v3 only in the cover letter but the version
number should be in every patch part of the set:


Kalle Valo

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