Single rate issues in QCA988x based device

KAVITA MATHUR kavitam at
Tue Jan 30 02:19:52 PST 2018


WLE600VX (2x2 MIMO, QCA9888x chipset) is used as WiFi module in my access point. I am
working on certification project of this system, there I need to fix single rate in all
the legacy, HT and VHT modes for 20MHz and 40MHz channels.

There are two problems observed during this test:

1. 9Mbps legacy rate is always set to 24Mbps in g mode. While in a mode it is set as
9Mbps.What can be the issue, firmware or driver? any suggestions to see this issue?

2. Not able to set Short GI for 40MHz channels for all the MCS except MCS 7 and 15. What
cab be the reason for this. again, where should I suspect?..firmware or driver? Please
help on this.

ath10k version : git 16 oct 2017(v4.14-rc2-1-24-gc6db471)
firmware version : firmware-5.bin_10.
Kernel version : 3.12

Thanks & Regards,

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