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On 01/29/2018 04:05 AM, 정승현 wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to figure out how ath10k (operating in AP mode) handles the channel on which an AP sends packets to one of its associated stations. I have found a few  functions including ath10k_sta_state set channel information for each station, but I couldn't find out which function(s) utilize the information while tx processing. Is there any function for channel selection while processing tx?

The channel is set up as part of bringing up the vdev, I think.  You do not have per-peer
control over normal sending...but the driver can do off-channel tx, which allows you to
temporarily change channels and send frames.

> BTW, Does ath10k support broadcast and multicast? or always convert them into unicast? If it supports broadcast and multicast, does it always use 20MHz?

A sniffer would answer this question for least most firmware are probably sending multicast.  Some may convert to
unicast.  Possibly the driver/stack could do similar logic to convert to unicast if it cared.


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