[PATCH] Per chain RSSI reporting

Norik Dzhandzhapanyan norikd at ethertronics.com
Fri May 26 19:09:22 PDT 2017

Hi Adrian,

Inserting the smoothing function here is motivated by what we see as 'spikes' in rssi data under weak rssi conditions.  Figured its best to get rid of the 'bogus' data as close to the source as possible. Also to minimize the impact on the changes.

I believe the averaging  that happens at higher levels is based on EWMA macros in net/mac80211/sta_info.c which not wifi card/chipset specific. Didn't want to touch that since other cards seem to not have this spikey behavior. And, it doesnt seem to have an effect on the ath10k data anyway (iw reports the exact same values for both).

I wonder if it would be acceptable to pass a module load time parameter which would indicate an average factor with 0 (as default) to indicate no averaging?

Another option would be to add the chain_signal_avg field to the ieee80211_tx_status struct in mac80211.h to expose the average value up the stack this way? I haven't looked too deep on what this entails though and I didn't want to risk impacting anything else.

So yes.. I am OK with the per-chain RSSI changes first.


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I have something local that I've been meaning to push up to do this,
but with no smoothing. Ideally (!) smoothing is done optionally in

What do you think about just committing the per-chain RSSI stuff to
mac80211 so it shows up right now, and then we figure out how to
express the smoothing in mac80211 or further up the layers?

(We care about packet-to-packet RSSI values for "reasons" - mostly
bring-up and board validation, but also for runtime link checks.)


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