QCA6147 (rev 32) Speed and Connectivity Issues

Filip Fila filip.fila at inet.hr
Mon May 15 13:38:58 PDT 2017


I recently bought a Lenovo V510 laptop that comes with a QCA6147 (rev 
32) chip.

I am having quite a few issues with it in Linux. I've researched all I 
could on the internet and haven't been able to solve them so I come to 
you as a last resort.

The issue is that the chip does not work with NetworkManager at all - 
wireless won't turn itself on, meaning no connections are listed.

It's possible to connect through cli with netctl or connman, however, 
there are three issues:

1) the max speed is roughly half the amount it reaches in Windows;
2) the speed will fluctuate a lot, reaching its capped max and then 
instantly dropping to even 10-20% of the maximum connection speed, 
sometimes even to speeds like 50 kb/s;
3) once in a while, I assume the drivers don't load during boot and no 
connection can be established.

The kernel used is 4.11, NetworkManager is at 1.8 and I also replaced 
all the firmware files with the latest ones from Kvalo's GitHub repo, 
but the result is the same.

Could you please let me know if this is perhaps a hardware problem, and 
if not, are this chip's drivers going to be updated so that it works out 
of the box (with NetworkManager and its GUI applets) and at full speed? 
If I could be of assistance with any kind of output messages, I will 
gladly do my best to help out.

Best regards,
Filip Fila

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