QCA6174A Bluetooth HSP could not work

Mingmin Tang mingmintang at ieiworld.com
Mon Jun 19 19:18:24 PDT 2017

OS: lubuntu 17.04
Headphone: SONY SBH60
Bluetooth Module: AW-CB260NF(QCA6174A)

No error message when select A2DP and HSP/HFP profile in pavucontrol.
A2DP: work ok.
HSP/HFP: Input and output devices could be shown in pavucontrol, but they
don't have volume meter bar.
The media player would stop(like waiting bluetooth device) when playing
audio by hsp.

Test other bluetooth module(Intel 7260HMW, Realtek RTL8821ae), A2DP and
HSP/HFP profile all work ok.
It seems like firmware or driver issue of QCA6174A.

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