[wpa_supplicant] Is there a way to limit peers (to about 12) for IBSS/adhoc?

Adrian Chadd adrian at freebsd.org
Fri Jun 2 23:16:40 PDT 2017


Well, it sounds like something you need a 40 node test network for :)

I was wondering whether it was some kind of MAC bug that was being
triggered because of so many units say, overflowing the keycache or
something. But if it's software encryption then maybe not. I wish I
could help more, but setting up a 40 node network to test is a big
challenge. :)

Is it a gradual thing?  Ie, do you know when it starts to hang? Does
it hang at 40? or gradually as you approach 40?

As for association limits - I thought there was a maximum station
parameter somewhere...


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