About promis mode

zhj zhj at topsec.com.cn
Thu Dec 28 02:07:29 PST 2017

I used to work on the AR9344+AR9382 platform (using openwrt+ath9k driver) to
achieve the following functions: setting up Promiscuous mode, scanning all
channels,capturing radio packets, If finding AP fishing, then sending deauth
packets to break illegal connections.

Now we use ath10k to drive QCA988X (openwrt platform, QCA956X+QCA988X),
which can set up promiscuous mode to catch wireless packets, but cannot send
packets to break connection. However 2.4G wireless network card can achieve
the above functions(including the switching channel).

Can this be done on QCA988X? 
Where is there a patch to implement this function?

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