ath10k firmware-6.bin bug: Disconnections every 20 minutes on QCA6174

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Wed Aug 16 07:14:22 PDT 2017

Kouroche Bouchiat <kouroche.bouchiat at> writes:

> On hw3.0/firmware-6.bin my QCA6174 seems to be dropping 100% of
> packets after exactly 20 minutes. I talked to people over on the
> Archlinux forums who suggested to force the kernel to load
> firmware-4.bin instead. I did just that ("mv firmware-6.bin
> firmware-6.bin.bak") and my connection seems to be working fine now.
> The forum thread is the following:

I suspect that this is a WPA rekeying problem, are you able to verify
that? Anyway, I reported this internally.

Kalle Valo

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