[OpenWrt-Devel] [ath10k] [batman-adv] Robustness of batman-adv or IBSS/802.11s on ath9k (AR9331 chip)

Russell Senior russell at personaltelco.net
Sat Apr 22 01:55:07 PDT 2017

>>>>> "Xuebing" == Xuebing Wang <xbing6 at gmail.com> writes:

Xuebing> Hi ath10k community, Does anyone use ath9k driver + 802.11s (or
Xuebing> IBSS/adhoc) on commercial products?

Xuebing> Our setup is AR9331 + ath9k driver + OpenWRT 15.05 + batman-adv
Xuebing> 2016.1 (PKG_RELEASE:=3)

Xuebing> We are very serious about robustness of running batman-adv on
Xuebing> AR9331, because we have 20+ commercial sites running, each site
Xuebing> is with about 20 nodes.  - batman-adv + ar9331 work almost
Xuebing> (well almost) perfectly.  - Sometimes, one node drops off the
Xuebing> mesh, occurrence rate is very low.  - For one time, when Node
Xuebing> drops off the mesh, "rmmod ath9k" then "modprobe ath9k" can get
Xuebing> both batman-adv (and ibss/adhoc on top of ath9k) recover. This
Xuebing> seemingly points to that the issue is with ath9k driver
Xuebing> (ibss/adhoc mode).

I'm running batman-adv on LEDE-project (r1497) on a TP-Link TP-WDR3600
with ibss/adhoc + ap on the 2.4GHz radio.  This is ath9k, not ath10k.
Seems to work fine, no problems.

Russell Senior, President
russell at personaltelco.net

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