Activity LEDs for QCA9980

J Mo jmomo at
Tue Sep 27 03:57:42 PDT 2016


I would like to inquire (belligerently pester) as to the possibility of 
getting LED activity lights working for the QCA9980.

I recently ported LEDE to a new router device which uses this chip, the 
fifth such LEDE device which I know of using it.

For these routers, the "WiFi" LEDs on our devices are controlled via the 
QCA9980 chip, not some SoC GIPO.

Heinz, one of the illustrious fellows working on the TP-Link Archer 
C2600, found this example u-boot code which seems to enable LED control:

Is this information helpful, or are there other things holding this 
feature back for this chip and driver?

Thanks in advance

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