about ath10k support 80211r, 80211w

KwangMin Kim kim25444 at naver.com
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Thanks reply Ben. 

But I want to know exactly what were referred to the 'modified' firmware.

My Question
1. Is mean of modified firmware a cantelatech firmware or a firmware in openWRT?

2. And When can I see the new firmware?

3. My goal is that .11r works fine in current environment(kernel-3.2.80, backports-4.4.2, WLE900VX-7AA(QCA9880)). 
    If .11r work fine in openWRT, What I get from openWRT?


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I don't think .11r works in stock firmware, at least in station mode.

With modified firmware, it can work fine.  And possibly newer upstream
firmware fixes this issue.


On 09/25/2016 09:43 PM, KwangMin Kim wrote:
> Hi. I'm using COMPEX WLE900VX-7AA(QCA9880).
> And using kernel version 3.2.80, backport version 4.4.2.
> My Question.
> 1. Can I use "ieee80211r" and "ieee80211w" in my environment?
> 2. Have you ever tried to seamless test? If you done test, how seamless?
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