QCA6174 Performance

Daniel Holz daniel.holz91 at gmx.de
Thu Sep 15 06:29:47 PDT 2016


the network performance of the Qualcom QCA6174 in my Lenovo Yoga 3 11 is 
only around 7-8 Mbyte/s in tests with iperf when using a wireless ac 
connection. Disabling power management resulted in 10 MByte/s. Under the 
same conditions my Android phone achieved 384 MByte/s.

Currently I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 on my Yoga 3 11 with the most recent 
hw2.1 firmware and kernel 4.4. I already tried kernel 4.8 which boosted 
the speed to 15 MByte/s, but this is still way too slow for such a 


Daniel Holz

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