ath10k mesh + ap + encryption?

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Tue Sep 13 04:38:26 PDT 2016

Am 13.09.2016 um 13:25 schrieb Valo, Kalle:
> Simon Wunderlich <sw at> writes:
>> On Tuesday, September 13, 2016 10:59:31 AM CEST Valo, Kalle wrote:
>>> Simon Wunderlich <sw at> writes:
>>>> we have done some experiments last week on ath10k, trying to run mesh
>>>> (802.11s) and access point at the same time, both encrypted.
>>>> We have tested a recent LEDE (reboot-1519-g42f559e) but with
>>>> firmware-5.bin_10. and the included wpa_supplicant, which gave
>>>> us a working encrypted 802.11s network. However, starting an AP at the
>>>> same time didn't work (AP doesn't beacon). This wasn't a problem when
>>>> 802.11s was running unencrypted.
>>>> We also tested version (from codeaurora), which is now default
>>>> in
>>>> LEDE. However, this version apparently doesn't support 11s mesh at all
>>>> (WMI_SERVICE_MESH_11S is disabled in the service map, but cfg/mac80211
>>>> advertises support).
>>>> So here are my questions:
>>>>   * Did anyone succesfully run AP and mesh, both encrypted at the same
>>>>   time?
>>>>   * Do you have any pointers how we could fix this? Could it be fixable in
>>>>   the>
>>>> driver (i.e. not in firmware)?
>>>>   * Does anyone have an idea if 11s will be supported in future versions? I
>>>> didn't find any changelogs, but having 11s mode no longer in the service
>>>> map does not make me optimistic.
>>> Why is LEDE using It seems to be a quite old release and I
>>> have no knowledge if anyone even tests that firmware branch with ath10k.
>>> I recommend to only use firmware releases from ath10k-firmware.git as we
>>> use those internally with ath10k. In any case, don't make any
>>> assumptions about future from that firmware branch as it's so old.
>> This was introduced in December 25th, 2015 after some firmware-related
>> problems. I'm CC'ing Martin Blumenstingl who suggested this change.
>> Since then, ath10k is pulling firmware from here (unless ct firmware is used):
>> 10.2.4/firmware-5.bin_10.2.4.97-1
>> However, I don't understand the numbering? >, but you say
>> is more recent? I would have assumed otherwise from the
>> numbers. However, has much more sub-revisions.
> As I said before, I just deliver the firmware files to the community and
> the firmware team creates the actual releases. But my understanding is
> that these are from different branches which are built independently
> (and might have different features, like in this case the mesh support)
> so I would not make any conclusions if any firmware is "better" just
> from the numbers alone.
would be good to have changelogs so see what has been changed to test 
what they have changed in the fw

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