support for QCA9377 SDIO (ath10k or ath6kl)

Martin Blumenstingl martin.blumenstingl at
Thu Sep 8 12:31:12 PDT 2016


is there any support for the SDIO chips QCA9377 (and QCA9378) planned?
Would these be supported by ath10k or ath6kl or is a completely new
driver needed?

Some background:
There are some device (Android TV boxes) which are using a QCA9377
wifi chip connected via SDIO. Example: Beelink GT1 (using an Amlogic
S912 SoC) - [0]

The part in question is labeled with AW-CM273SM (could be an AzureWave
module based on the name - but that is pure speculation).
According to some google hits it uses a QCA9377 chip (which would
match with the wifi-fw tarball from Amlogic which recently gained a
"qcom9377" folder).



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