Throughput weirdness on 9984

Ben Greear greearb at
Fri Sep 2 15:52:46 PDT 2016

On 09/02/2016 03:14 PM, Alexis Green wrote:
> I just ran run AP + STA mode and it appears to behave the same way.
> Also, as far as reported rates, it appears that the rates are similar.

I just ran a quick test with 9984 as STA and a 9880 3x3 AP, over-the-air, UDP

Download about 550Mbps, Upload about 350Mbps.

I'm using a different compile than what is in LEDE, will send it to you

Could also be that for whatever reason connecting to a non 9984 AP 'fixes' things.

I don't have two functional 9984 systems to test against at this point, but should
have something soon.


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