Linux freezes after a time while running

Conrad Kostecki ck+ath10k at
Mon Oct 31 09:48:49 PDT 2016

Hello Michał,

Am 31.10.2016 11:12:03, "Michal Kazior" <michal.kazior at> 

>  You could try loading ath10k_pci with reset_mode=1 parameter.
>Cold reset is known to cause some problems after firmware certain
>crashes and I've personally experienced system freezes on x86 (MIPS
>tends to spit "data bus error" and doesn't lock up).
thank you very much for your answer. I've now set reset_mode=1,
which seems to be now active, as I can see in dmesg:
[    8.471659] ath10k_pci 0000:08:00.0: pci irq msi oper_irq_mode 2 
irq_mode 0 reset_mode 1
[    8.587267] ath10k_pci 0000:09:00.0: pci irq msi oper_irq_mode 2 
irq_mode 0 reset_mode 1

After starting HostAPd, I powered up my Squeezebox Radio to connect via 
Just after a few minutes, it crashed, as expected, but it did not 
restart the whole server.
It this due reset_mode=1? I was now able to capture a lot of information 
from dmesg.
You can clearly see, that the firmware crashed. The HostAPd process is 
still running,
but the WiFi can be detected anymore.

As it's very much, I've put this on pastebin:

You can see at mark 250, WiFi1 (2.4GHz) comes up and at mark 356 WIFI2 
(5GHz) comes up.
By mark 691, ath10k_pci crashed and WiFi stopped working. Normally, at 
this point the whole server would reboot.

I've also now tried the newest firmware which no luck.

Any Ideas?

Cheers and Thanks

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