Modifying the Interframe Spacing

Gaurang Ramesh Naik gaurang at
Thu May 5 15:15:23 PDT 2016


I am working on a research project as a part of which I need to modify
the interframe spacing value (specifically the difs) of all 802.11ac
nodes (AP as well as STAs) in my test network. In one of the research
papers, I read that by changing the AIFSN in ath5k drivers, the
authors had changed the AIFS value. I have been trying to see where
this has been implemented in the source code under the ath/ath10k/
directory. Could someone please assist me with the following

(i) Is such a thing even possible in ath10k?
(ii) Am I looking in the right place (in the ath10k directory)?

Any insights will be extremely valuable.


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