802.11s channel width settings?

Zach Sherin zach at netblazr.com
Thu May 5 13:53:55 PDT 2016

Apologies for the spam, but for clarity I'm using an Archer C7 v2
router, with the MiniPCIe QCA9880-BR4A (v2) 3x3 a/n/ac PCIe radio
controlled by ath10k, trying to use 802.11ac with 5GHz. I can use the
5GHz band as an AP and get much higher speeds (in the 100's or more)
so I know the 22 Mbits/s is slower than the maximum, though I
certainly could be wrong on the channel widths point (it could be the
modulation scheme, maybe?).

Thanks again!

On Thu, May 5, 2016 at 2:51 PM, Zach Sherin <zach at netblazr.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using 802.11s to do mesh networking with ath10k on an OpenWRT
> router. My throughput across the 802.11s connections is very low,
> around 22 Mbits/s maximum. When I search my device with iw[1], I am
> informed that the driver believes it is operating in 20MHz channels.
> When I run it in AP mode, I get much faster speeds and iw claims the
> interface is acting with an 80 MHz channel.
> Is there any way to increase channel widths in 802.11s? If this is an
> OpenWRT question and not ath10k I'll head over to the forums, but this
> seemed more a driver issue as my wireless config requests wide
> channels. Any chance there's a specific version of ath10k I should
> push to?
> Any information would be much appreciated, and I'll be happy to answer
> any questions.
> Thanks,
> Zach
> [1]iw dev mesh info
> Inteface mesh
>            ifindex 19
>            wdev 0x2
>            addr ec:08:6b:ae:51:ac
>            type mesh point
>            wiphy 0
>            channel 36 (5180 MHz), width: 20 MHz (no HT), center1: 5180 MHz
>            txpower 27 dBm

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