Performance degradation over time

Matthew Keeler mjkeeler7 at
Tue Mar 8 06:09:59 PST 2016

I have an arch linux box running kernel version 4.4 and within it two Airetos AEX-QCA9880-NX cards in it. I have hostapd configured to use one for 2.4 GHz bgn and the other for 5 GHz n/ac. After a fresh boot of the box I can get about 50Mbps over 2.4 GHz using iperf and 350-400MBps over 5GHz. After a couple of days or so the performance of my 2.4GHz card is dropping to about 5Mbps. Has anyone else had similar issues with this kind of performance degradation or does anyone know a good place to start to try and figure why this could be happening.

A couple things I have checked: nothing in dmesg, nothing abnormal in hostapd logs, restarting hostapd doesn’t seem to help, only rebooting helps. 

Matt Keeler

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