rx rate issue

Sebastian Gottschall s.gottschall at dd-wrt.com
Wed Jul 20 01:51:04 PDT 2016


while hunting a link stability (packet transmission stop) issue i 
discovered a maybe cosmetic, but maybe als serious issue.
AP is a QCA9880 3x3 card configured as WDS AP
Station is a QCA9880 2x2 card configured as WDS STA

the TX rate of the station matches to the rx rate of the AP.
but the RX rate of the station is wrong as it seems which may be a cause 
of the issue.
could this be a firmware bug on QCA9880?

output of fw_stats

              Peer MAC address 40:a5:ef:85:4d:6f
                      Peer RSSI 12
                   Peer TX rate 175500
                   Peer RX rate 175500
               Peer RX duration 0

             Peer MAC address 40:a5:ef:51:49:db
                      Peer RSSI 13
                   Peer TX rate 175500
                   Peer RX rate 351000
               Peer RX duration 0


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