ath10k: add support for controlling tx power to a station

Kalle Valo kvalo at
Mon Jul 18 13:08:05 PDT 2016

Ashok Raj Nagarajan <arnagara at> wrote:
> This patch will add the support to control the transmit power for traffic
> to a station associated with the AP. Userspace provide the transmit power
> value in mBm units and the allowed range is from 0 to 70. Underlying FW
> will enforce that the maximum tx power will be based on the regulatory
> requirements. If the user given transmit power is greater than the allowed
> tx power in the given channel, then the FW will use the maximum tx power
> in the same channel.
> When 0 is sent to the FW as tx power, it will revert to the automatic tx
> power for the station.
> Signed-off-by: Ashok Raj Nagarajan <arnagara at>

(A note to patchwork)

Depends on these patches:

cfg80211: Add support to set tx power for a station associated

mac80211: store tx power value from user to station

Both are currently in state Changes Requested.

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