Issue with ATH10K driver while bringing up mesh interface

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Thu Aug 25 22:41:38 PDT 2016

I was talking about QCA988X firmware and I don't think QCA99X0 has officially released firmware for mesh.


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Subject: Re: Issue with ATH10K driver while bringing up mesh interface
Speaking of rawmode and updated firmware, are QCA99X0 devices SOL as
far as mesh support goes? is the latest firmware I can
find for this hardware and it doesn't support neither raw mode, nor
native 80211s.

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>> > Please try  "insmod ath10k_core.ko rawmode=1"
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> I recommend you to use  FW version or higher, so that you don't have to use raw mode. Main downside using raw mode is throughput throttled.
> You can get the ath10k firmware from

GitHub - kvalo/ath10k-firmware: Firmware files for ath10k ... ath10k-firmware. These are the latest firmware files for ath10k, a mac80211 driver for QCA988x, QCA6174, QCA99XX and similar. The official location to ...

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