DFS radar pattern detection in different regions

Peter Oh ebmajor at live.com
Mon Aug 22 09:42:38 PDT 2016

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> I am just confused by the output of "iw reg get", which outputs lines

> from the db.txt of wireless-regdb [1]. For example,  the first lines of
> the output for some countries read like the following:
> country AE: DFS-FCC
> country AF: DFS-ETSI
> country BD: DFS-JP
> What is that supposed to mean? These lines seem to allow using DFS
> channels in these countries as long as DFS is enabled in kernel
> config, although this won't be "right" ?!
FCC, ETSI, and JP are DFS regulatory domains which have their own radar pattern definitions and requirements, so that many countries are adapting and following.
If countries do not fall into one of the 3 regulatory domains, ath10k DFS detector could not detect DFS radar since the DFS pattern detectors are designed for those 3.
If you want to support the countries that do not follow those 3 domains, then you need to add new pattern detector and use the phy error data reported from firmware.


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