ath10k: Are there any PCI based WLAN cards to be plugged into desktop PC?

Ben Greear greearb at
Sun Aug 14 07:45:51 PDT 2016

You can get pcie <-> mini-pcie adapters easily enough, and then put one of the standard
mini-pcie NICs in it.  We use WLE900VX successfully like this.


On 08/14/2016 05:49 AM, Xuebing Wang wrote:
> Hi Community,
> I'd like to study ath10k driver and buy an ath10k WLAN card to plug into my Ubuntu PC. I googled and checked ath10k wiki, it seems most ath10k cards are PCIe based modules or to be used in APs. Are there any ath10k WLAN cards to be plugged into desktop PC?
> Also, I googled and can not find ath10k datasheet (e.g. qca9880 or qca6174 with any firmware versions), any suggestions on the specifications or datasheets?
> Thanks.

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