QCA988X firmware 10.2 and Broadcom stations

Andy Strohman andy at uplevelsystems.com
Fri Aug 12 19:26:15 PDT 2016


  I have an issue with what seems to be an interoperability problem
between the 10.2 firmware and Broadcom stations.

  The symptoms look similar to what you guys were discussing in the
thread with subject:  "Unicast packets stop being transmitted to a
particular station."

I have two machines that can reproduce the issue consistently:

1)Dell Latitude E6400 with a Broadcom BCM432b / BCM32056000 chipset.
(The Dell Wireless 1510 Wireless-N WLAN Mini-Card Rev 4.06). The
driver version is and the date of the driver is

2)MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015).  Broadcom 4360

All I need to do is ping the BCM station using a DSCP value that maps
to the higher of the two tids in an AC.  After this, packets with the
lower of the two tids will no longer be accepted, even though I see an
ACK for the packet.

This applies to all ACs.  So,
ping -Q 96 stops all tid 0 traffic
ping -Q 64 stops all tid 1 traffic
ping -Q 160 stops all tid 4 traffic
ping -Q 224 stops all tid 6 traffic

I cannot get the larger of the two tids(per AC) to drop.

Given this behavior, I think what is happening is that BCM has one PN
counter per AC.  I noticed that 10.2 firmware appears to use one PN
counter per tid where the most significant byte of the PN is the tid.
 So when a packet with the larger of the two tids is transmitted from
QCA to BCM(with it's larger most significant byte in the CCMP PN), the
BCM counter for the whole AC gets set to this PN.   Then later, when a
packet is received with the smaller of the two tids(with smaller MSB)
it is dropped because BCM considers it a replay attempt.

I see that QCA sets the RSN PTKSA Replay Counter capabilities to 16,
while BCM sets to 1.  Although, I do not know what the expected
outcome of this is supposed to be.  It's seems like BCM decides to use
4 - one per AC.  I also don't know how 8 tids are supposed to be
mapped to 16 PN counters.  Any insight into this would be appreciated.

I noticed with 10.2.4 that  RSN PTKSA Replay Counter capabilities is
still set to 16.   However, instead of having a separate counter for
each tid, there appears to be a single counter, which prevents this
issue from consistently occurring.

I intend to move to the 10.2.4 firmware to get away from this problem.
However, with 10.2.4, I have witnessed problems where certain tids do
not make it though while others do.  Unfortunately, last time it
happened, I did not understand as much about this issue as I do now,
so I did not test/observe as thoroughly as I wished I would have.

Any help/insight would be much appreciated.




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