ath10k fail to load firmware

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Tue Aug 2 05:19:19 PDT 2016

Michal Kazior <michal.kazior at> writes:

> On 19 July 2016 at 10:24,  <Perry_Yuan at> wrote:
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>> HI  All:
>> I have replaced the new firmware files to old one. And I build new ath10k_pci.ko ,ath10k_core.ko to get some
>> debug info.
>> The new firmware is still not loaded by ath10k driver .
>> And I compare the driver codes with 4.7 -rc7 , the codes are almost same.
>> So the issue should be in  firmware scope.
>> [ 590.486970] ath10k_pci 0000:02:00.0: Hardware name qca6174 hw3.2 version 0x5030000
>> [  590.487158] ath10k_pci 0000:02:00.0: Direct firmware load failed with error -2
>> [  590.487159] ath10k_pci 0000:02:00.0: Falling back to user helper
> You didn't attach a complete log so it's hard to tell. ath10k tends to
> print a few messages that may look like an error but aren't (there's a
> fallback mechanism for finding firmware files which is overly
> verbose).
> @Perry: You need to rename the
> firmware-4.bin_WLAN.RM.2.0-00180-QCARMSWPZ-1 to firmware-4.bin in case
> you merely mirrored the github repo.
> @Kalle: I think it'd be very useful to maintain ath10k-firmware in a
> way so that it is easier to the uninitiated to `git clone` it into
> /lib/firmware, e.g. maintain firmware-X.bin symlinks in each
> QCAxxx/hw.y/ to the latest one. Thoughts?

Yeah, something like that would be really nice. It would also make it
easier for me to update linux-firmware.git.

What about if we had a script which installs the latest ath10k firmware
files from ath10k-firmware.git? Something along lines of:

$ cd ~/git/ath10k-firmware
$ git pull
$ sudo ath10k-fw-install /lib/firmware/ath10k

I could also add a simple menu to select older firmware versions. But
this is just a wild idea.

Kalle Valo

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